Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Changes at Bethel Outreach!

 Welcome to Bethel Outreach Children's Center


The existing structures have been expanded and refurbished, and a new building has been built.  Formerly they operated out of four 10x10ft classrooms.  Now they have about ten spacious classrooms.


The building project had several sponsors, including a Kenyan NGO, and a university in Korea.

 The interiors include fresh plywood for floors and walls, with cut-outs in the walls to allow for good lighting.  Formerly the classrooms had dirt floors with corrugated walls and few windows.

 Over 350 children attend Bethel Outreach every day.


This group of 85 three- and four-year olds is taught by one teacher! 
Join me in remembering these courageous teachers before God in prayer.

 Here is the pathway leading to the new pit latrine. 


Two new pit latrines behind doors one and two...

This is something to celebrate before the Lord!  Such a sanitary bathroom is hard to come by in Kibera, and for some time they were even renting it out to anyone willing to pay.  They have ceased that source of income-generation because the patrons at-large were not respectful.  Below is a sign advertising their pit latrine for rent!