Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving on at New Dawn School

After graduation in December, New Dawn School closed for a holiday. In January the school re-opened, admitting a new group of Form One students (freshman), and everyone resumed the daily work of teaching and learning. Forty more students prepare for graduation this year, and it will come quickly.

After graduation in December, the graduates entered a time of waiting. They had taken the National Exams in October and November, and now they must wait for results, which will help determine what kind of higher education they can pursue.

Ruba has come alongside the graduates, and has determined to help find all of them some kind of post-secondary training or jobs. Day by day, opportunities have been opening up. The school received a significant grant from the Danish Embassy, which employs five graduates and will help the school generate some of its own income. Two students have been admitted to engineering schools and three have been admitted to a beauty college. Another student is employed by an NGO outside of Nairobi. We praise God that paths continue to open for the future of these young people! He is the Waymaker!

Celebrate with New Dawn! In early March, the National Exam results were released, and it was good news for New Dawn School! 16 of the 30 students had scores high enough to qualify them for a diploma at a Polytechnic School (which I believe is equivalent to an associates degree in the U.S.). Hannington Odhiambo (above) recieved the top marks in the school, and will qualify to study Mechanical Engineering at University! We at Saba, International congratulate all of the students at New Dawn. You have worked so hard, and overcome so many obstacles by your patient endurance! We eagerly anticipate the on-going work of the Lord in your life...

Director Irene Tongoi writes about the graduates and their exam results: "This is what makes the hard work worth doing. I am proud of our teaching staff who have served with us and trusted the Lord to produce these miracles! We now begin the next step in their journey to higher education."
Irene is traveling to the U.S. in March and April. Along the way she will do some ambassadorial work for New Dawn. A group in Oregon state is hosting a fund-raiser for New Dawn, with the intent of purchasing a school bus for the school. Irene's final stop in the U.S. is Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. This is a community that has been faithful in supporting New Dawn for more than three years! May God bless Irene and her husband on this journey!

Special commendation goes to Ben Khalonyere, Headmaster of New Dawn. He has been on-site working with staff and students daily, encouraging and disciplining. He is a gentle giant! Pleases pray for him and his family as he uses most of his time off from school pursuing his bachelor's degree in education.
As donors and partners in prayer, please pray for all the staff and leadership of New Dawn School as they do the hard work of leading, teaching, and counseling the students, and as they fund-raise and develop the school's property and its resources. May God give them wisdom and discernment.

On the fund-raising front of Saba, International, some exciting things are happening! Tammy Woller and her colleague spent the weekend at a women's retreat in Wisconsin. They donated their time, and the strength and tenderness of their hands; they performed several hours of massage, and accepted donations for the Nest Children's Home! Well done, ladies.
On March 19, the Nest Fest will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is a charity concert for the Nest! May God multiply the efforts of the organizers and performers for the sake of the Nest.
All of these fund-raising efforts will go toward helping the Nest pay down their massive hospital bills that they incurred when several of their babies got pneumonia in February.
Posted by Cathy Woller