Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Small Beginning

Over the past few months, another hope, another dream has taken shape at New Dawn School! In August 20 girls moved into a boarding house, and in September 17 boys moved into a dormitory! Saba, International celebrates God's faithful goodness to New Dawn.
From the time of its humble formation in 2006, New Dawn has dreamed of providing housing for its students.
From small beginnings...
The hands and hearts of many people and organizations have come together to provide the beds, the bedding, the fresh paint. It was reported that on the night that the boys moved into the dorm they slept little because "joy over-filled their hearts! They spoke with each other all night in celebration of God's goodness in providing this opportunity for them!"
From small beginnings...
Mr. Vincent is a teacher of Kiswahili and History at New Dawn. He has agreed to be the dormitory master to these 17 young men. His own story is one of being graciously rescued by God from the streets of Kibera slum, so he has much to offer these young men in the way of Christ-like example and encouragement, and so we pray God's abiding grace over him.
Interestingly, his room is in the old school library (located in the same village as the school), and the dorm rooms are adjacent in the former classrooms. This building was the first building which New Dawn purchased in 2006 as it began to expand from the borrowed church space.
From small beginnings...
Meanwhile, a forty-minute walk away from New Dawn, 20 girls have moved into a boarding house, under the prayerful heart and watchful eye of Miss Chao, who is also a teacher and administrator at New Dawn. Miss Chao has taught at New Dawn from its inception, and has seen God's glory with her own eyes as He has faithfully provided for New Dawn.
From small beginnings...
Perhaps you are wondering why providing boarding is a central vision for the school.
Keep in mind the environment from which these students hail. Most live in crowded, noisy homes; their families are living on meager hand-to-mouth wages, which often leave students' stomachs empty morning and evening; they travel to school on foot, some walking many miles each way, and they encounter many forms of physical, verbal and sexual harassment. Imagine this being the foundation for learning.
Providing boarding for the students provides the following benefits:
  • more consistent nutrition
  • quieter, less crowded environment for sleep and study
  • increased safety in traveling to and from school

which can only yield better learning.

Imagine sleeping under this scripture every night, being reminded of the new life that we have by belonging to Jesus Christ! With the help of New Dawn may these young ladies and men be preserved and prepared to serve their Master as new creations!

In the Bible, Zechariah the prophet challenged the nation Israel to rebuild the temple:

"Does anyone dare despise this day of small beginnings?" Zechariah 4:10

In partnership with New Dawn, Saba, International celebrates the small beginnings. From humility, faith , hope and prayer God has done miracles and wonders!

posted by Cathy Woller for Saba, International