Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saba is a Hebrew word used in the Old Testament, and it means "to be satisfied, to have in abundance, to be filled--even to overflowing". At Saba, International our hope is to be able to extend an overflow of God's blessings to the Nest Children's Home and New Dawn School in Kenya.

We celebrate Easter today, the ultimate overflow of God's love, as He raised Jesus Christ from the dead. This victory over death fills us with hope as we journey through our broken world, toward our Heavenly home.

Happy Easter greetings to everyone at the Nest Children's Home, including the children, the staff, the director, and your families! May God strengthen you by his Holy Spirit to persevere with your challenging work, and we trust for his grace to be sufficient for you each day.

Happy Easter greetings to everyone at New Dawn School, including the students, staff, director, headmaster, and all of your families. Enjoy your holiday from school, and may you return in May refreshed and ready to take on the hard task of teaching and learning.

Happy Easter greetings to every one who supports these projects in Kenya through Saba, International! We are so encouraged by your genorosity, eagerness and steadfast love for children half a world away! May you each experience a double portion of God's love through Jesus Christ this Easter!