Sunday, July 4, 2010

A History Lesson in Library Development

When Irene Tongoi, the director of New Dawn School, visited Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin in April, 2010, she spent an afternoon at the Mt. Horeb Public Library sharing the work and story of New Dawn. It was also a chance for New Dawn to personally thank the Friends of the Library, who were very involved in helping the school start its own library back in 2006!

Library Director, Lysianne Unruh was informed of this project by library clerk, Helen Kahl (who is my mother, and is the treasurer of Saba, International). Lysianne encouraged the Friends to send books to the start-up school. This gift of about 200 books became the foundation of the school's library.

In November 2006, we officially opened the library. It was a big celebration involving the parents and students. We all stood amazed by how quickly God brought this to pass through so many people!

The books were catagorized in boxes and each student was allowed to take home two books for the December term break. The most popular books were the science textbooks!

Can you feel their joy?! Having access to a collection of books was very exciting for the staff and students alike. One of the students once wrote me and said, "Thanks a great deal for bailing us out of a difficult situation by building us a library and helping us in reading." The Library project was the "first fruit" of our work as Saba, Intl. with New Dawn School.

In January of 2007 the school set to work developing a small building into a library and computer lab. In it's humility this library has opened up a world of learning to the students!

In 2009 the school was granted land from a neighboring old-people's home (Mji wa Huruma) on which to build their own school building. More foundations were laid to support a very interesting school facility!

A most amazing school house was fabricated out of 8 shipping containers.

New Dawn desires to build another similar structure for an expanded resource center. When Irene visited the Netherlands and the U.S. in March and April, she had the chance to visit three excellent libraries, and God opened up visions for her of what New Dawn's own resource center might look like! We wait with anxious expectation to see this unfold...
They have acquired the first of eight shipping containers. Each container will cost $3600 to get it into the village, along with the cost of fabricating it into a usable structure.
Part of the grant that Saba, Intl. sent New Dawn in May is for this development project. Please pray for the continued funding of this project and the overall work of the school. Celebrate with us what God has done for New Dawn, and what we await him to do in the future...because He is a faithful God!
Written by Cathy Woller