Wednesday, August 11, 2010


In late June the New Dawn Education Center community gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the Income Generating Activities.

The honored guest was the Danish Ambassador, who helped secure a 1 million Kenyan Shilling (aprroximately $13,000) grant from the Danish Embassy for the school.

The Income Generating Project included the donation of greenhouses and several cows. The intention is that income generated from the sale of milk and vegetables will contribute toward the long-term sustainability strategy for the school. The project currently employs several New Dawn graduates.

Meet Sarah and Prosper...may God indeed prosper their productivity for the sake of New Dawn!

More good news for a recent graduate! Hannington was the top performing student in the inaugural class. He qualified for university and has applied to Nairobi University to study mechanical engineering. A financial sponsor has been secured, for which we praise the Lord! We are very proud of Hannington, and pray that God will continue to open doors for him as he advances his studies!

When we opened the library several years ago, the headmaster, Ben Khalonyere, was as eager as the students to get his hands on the books! (pictured on right)
Over the past few years he has been working on completing his bachelor's degree in the months between school terms, which comes with a great sacrifice by Ben and his family. Please pray for him as he works diligently to advance his education, and may it be a blessing to the students and staff that he leads daily!
Why did I title this posting "Overwhelming"? Because I am overwhelmed by God's providential goodness and how he continues to reveal himself so dramatically in the New Dawn Education Center community. I haven't even included all the good news that I have received...more will come later. Please pray with us for New Dawn, because being agents of justice for the poor can be overwhelming. The evil one would love nothing more than for these young people to continue in their lives of despair, forgotten by the world and the church.
Would you pray in the spirit of faith according to director of New Dawn who recently wrote, "On the Lord's Day we shall celebrate together the combined impact we'll have had on the growth of His kingdom!"
posted by Cathy Woller